The release of high pressure steam or gas through a control, relief or safety valve generates noise that can be equivalent to the launch of a large rocket. Such noise levels are not healthy for those in the general vicinity and can be bothersome to those located further from the source.

To silence vent noise requires a silencer with a diffuser and an acoustical section. Stoddard Silencers has several designs to help fine tune the necessary attenuation required by each vent application. While there is no industry standard for calculating the unsilenced noise level of a vent, Stoddard Silencers uses Lighthill’s energy formula as the basis for its calculations.

When evaluating a vent silencer proposal the user is cautioned to examine the unsilenced noise levels used as the basis for the noise calculations rather than just the silenced levels. Stoddard Silencers uses a conservative formula so that the end user is protected against the installation of an undersized silencer.

Calculations are available for any vent application with noise levels available for any distance.