The PD33 is a premium discharge silencer for blowers operating above transition speed, on which the blower, motor and belt guard are mounted as an integral part of the silencer. The PD33 is designed to facilitate package assembly, thereby reducing labor and the overall costs of assembling smaller blower packages.

The design also enables the package to be pretested and shipped to the jobsite without any disassembly. The PD33 incorporates all the benefits of the D33H series silencer seen in Bulletin “D”. The inlet is designed to accept a slip-on style flex connector. Blowers, motors, slide rails, drive assemblies and any necessary controls are not included; however, an intake filter silencer, intake silencer with support, flex connectors and belt guard are available as part of PD33 Packages “A”, “B” and “C”. (Contact the factory for the respective components of these packages). Special flanges, finishes or materials of construction are available at additional cost. See STODDARD SILENCERS Bulletin “D” for attenuation data for the D33H Discharge Silencer.