STODDARD SILENCERS’ Flex Connectors are designed to mechanically isolate the customer’s blower from the intake or discharge silencers. By isolating the blower from the silencers, vibrations and misalignments which could damage both silencer and blower are reduced. To ensure that a minimal amount of noise is transmitted through the flexible hose into the atmosphere, STODDARD SILENCERS suggest a gap of no more than 1/4″ between the silencer nozzle and the nipple or collar attached to the blower. For blowers with up to 5″ nominal pipe size connections, threaded nipples (one end only) can be purchased from local pipe and fitting suppliers. For blowers with 6″ flanged connections, STODDARD SILENCERS sells a 6″ flange and collar assembly.

STODDARD SILENCERS’ Flex Connectors are constructed of heavyduty rubber hose designed for 80 psi internal pressure at 260O F temperature (Contact factory for other specific temperature and pressure ratings). Hose Clamps are included to attach the flex connectors to the inlet of STODDARD SILENCERS PD13 and PD33 Series Discharge Silencers and the outlet of D13R and D33R Intake Silencers.