The D13R and D33R Intake Silencers are designed to provide maximum silencing for the intakes of rotary positive displacement blowers. The D13R is designed for blowers operating below transition speed and the D33R is for blowers operating above transition speed.

The inlet of the D13R and D33R Intake Silencers is designed to accept the STODDARD SILENCERS F64 or F72 Intake Filter Silencer (See STODDARD SILENCERS Bulletin “FA”). The outlet nozzle is designed to accept a slip-on style flex connector. The silencer design insures that the filter silencer housing will not extend beyond the end of the silencer body. This allows for a compact blower package profile. When used with STODDARD SILENCERS PD13 and PD33 Discharge Silencers (see pages 4 & 6 of this bulletin) the D13R and D33R provide the blower packager with an easily assembled package which will have the best silencing available in the industry. Special connections, finishes and materials of construction are available at an additional cost.

The D13R and D33R should not be hard piped to the blower but rather should be installed using a flexible connector and be properly supported to avoid vibration. For an additional charge, STODDARD SILENCERS will provide flexible connectors with clamps and support brackets which can be directly mounted to the base of STODDARD SILENCERS’ PD13 and PD33 Discharge Silencers. For details on these accessories and special designs when hard piping is mandatory, please contact the factory