Combination Intake-Discharge Silencer for Rotary Positive Blowers where maximum silencing is required.

A combination intake and discharge silencer which enables the blower and motor to be mounted directly to the top of the horizontal mounted silencer. The silencers are of a multi-chamber design containing a high frequency absorption section in addition to a special arrangement of volumes and air passageways to effectively reduce both pulsations and high frequencies.

All welded steel and plate construction for long service life. Acoustic material temperature rating shall not exceed 300°F. Intake and discharge flanges are drilled to match 125 ASA flanges. When specified, the blower flange connections are drilled to match blower flanges or flexible connectors. Blower base, motor base, and mounting brackets are included as integral parts of the silencer package. Blower and Motor Slide Rails are not included with silencer bases. Special designs, relief valve connections and drilling of flanges are available upon request.