Centrifugal Industrial Fans

Industrial fans pose a unique problem for silencing the noise they produce. Except for the high speed turbo fans, the noise characteristics of a fan are predominantly low frequency. As such they require large volumes to reduce the low frequency pulses. Unfortunately this results in higher pressure drops than most fans can tolerate. Stoddard Silencers manufactures a line of fan silencers that will adequately attenuate the mid to high frequency noises produced by large industrial fans. The silencers we manufacture are round. At present we do not manufacture rectangular silencers as some larger fans require.

Our C24 series of fan silencers are optimal for the smaller turbo blowers made by many fan manufacturers. These fans produce noise that is almost exclusively in the mid to high range frequencies. Different connection options are available to match the customer’s installation.

Single and Multi-Stage Centrifugal Blowers

Single and multi-stage centrifugal blowers differ from the rotary positive displacement blower in operation and the characteristics of the noise they generate. Due to the number blades involved in generating the necessary air flow and the speed of the blower the noise is predominantly high frequency.

The C26 series is the predominant silencer recommended for both Single and Multi-stage Centrifugal Blowers. The blocked line of sight design forces the noise to flow around the annular passages insuring the maximum attenuation available. Though flanges are standard, different connection options are available to match the customer’s installation.