Air intake filter and filter silencer requirements vary with installation locations and type of foreign matter being removed from the air. Data contained in this bulletin will permit the selection of the correct size air intake filter or filter silencer to meet pressure drop requirements plus the proper selection of filter elements to achieve the desired dust-free purity of process air. All filter elements have been designed to provide long life and minimum maintenance through careful selection of dry type filter media. All filter elements have heavy metal frames to withstand rough handling and moisture.

Filter housings are fabricated from heavy gauge sheet steel and plate. To provide a weatherproof housing, it is welded and caulked as required. Housings are supplied with outlet flanges whose drilling matches 125 lb. American Standard Flanges. Internal and external surfaces are prime coated, followed with a final coat of machinery enamel. Weatherhoods are included with all models at no extra cost. Pipe leg supports are available at an additional charge. Models F21, F22, F41 and F42 have a Safety Inlet Screen installed to prevent any foreign objects from being drawn into the air moving device during filter changing. F22 and F42 Filter Silencers will provide adequate silencing for centrifugal compressors.

For equipment requiring better silencing, it is recommended that the F11, F21, or F41 be used in series with a standard intake silencer. Sales engineers are available to assist you in the selection of the correct size and type of filter element or to custom design equipment to meet your special requirements.