The F21 Air Intake Filter is recommended for use on turbines, engines, centrifugal fans, blowers and compressors where controlled filtration is required. When used on the inlets of compressors, engines and blowers, an appropriate silencer must be installed between the air moving device and the filter.

A rigid housing designed to accept standard 24˝ x 24˝ filter elements. Various types of elements are available to provide filter efficiencies to meet the needs of engines, blowers, or compressors. Filter housings are available to accept either a single filter element or two filter elements in series. Internal design provides a safeguard to prevent small size foreign objects from entering the air intake passageway when filters are removed. Special designs available upon request.

Welded sheet and plate steel construction. Metal joints are sealed to prevent dirt and air from bypassing the filter element. Surfaces are prime coated, followed with a final coat of machinery enamel. Flanges are drilled to match 125 lb. American Standard Flanges. Weatherhoods are included. Special finishes, or materials, are available at extra cost.