F64 Intake Air Filters and Intake Filter Silencers

Blowers and compressors are built with very tight tolerances between the inner workings of the machines. Wear and tear on these components decreases their efficiency and ends up affecting the operation of their systems. To protect these inner components Stoddard Silencers manufactures several series of Intake Air Filters and Intake Filter Silencers.

 What sets Stoddard Silencers apart is the efficiency of the filters we provide. While most of the competition is using elements that filter 98% on 10 micron particles and larger. Stoddard Silencers uses a filter that arrests 99% of one micron particles and larger, It is standard on our F64 Intake Filter Silencer series. Comparisons of the internals of similar blowers show significantly more material gets through the 98% on ten micron filters. It is this material that wears the internals of a blower or compressor.

The Series F64 Air Intake Filter and Filter Silencer is designed to mount directly on the inlet of an engine, blower or compressor. It will provide 16dB to 20dB noise reduction and the paper filter media has an efficiency of 99% on 1 micron particles. SERVICE LIFE & CLEANING: The service life of the element is dependent upon the surrounding environment and cannot be predicted. To prevent COLLAPSING of the filter element, STODDARD SILENCERS recommends the differential pressure across Air Intake Filters and Filter Silencers F64 the filter element NOT exceed 15 inches of water column. Positive indication that the element requires cleaning or replacement can be provided with STODDARD SILENCERS model A40-108 Pressure Drop Indicator, at an extra charge. To extend service life, rap element gently to dislodge accumulated dirt. An alternate method is to direct compressed air (75 PSIG max) through the element opposite to the direction of air flow. THE FILTER ELEMENT MUST EVENTUALLY BE REPLACED.