Stoddard Silencers, Inc. has been designing industrial grade silencers and intake air filters and filter silencers since 1975; however, our lineage goes further back.

Edgar S. Stoddard – founder and President of Stoddard Silencers – began his work in the industrial silencer field with Burgess Manning. He was co-founder of Universal Silencers and served as Vice President of Engineering and President until beginning Stoddard Silencers in 1975. Recognizing the importance of continuity, Mr. Stoddard has passed along the accumulated knowledge of silencer design and application to the staff which he has assembled at Stoddard Silencers, Inc.

The combined experience of the sales and engineering staff of Stoddard Silencers exceeds 90 years. This fact achieves a high degree of importance when viewed from Stoddard Silencers’ unique marketing viewpoint. Rather than separate engineering and sales, Stoddard has combined the two disciplines into a synergistic operation. Functioning with both aspects of the customer’s needs in mind, Stoddard’s sales engineers are able to solve the toughest silencing or filtering problem through their understanding of the function and design of the products.

Through constant research and development, Stoddard Silencers has been at the forefront of silencer and filter development. Its products and services are unsurpassed in the industrial market and Stoddard Silencers has gained a reputation for meeting and surpassing competitors in “head to head” comparisons.

Stoddard Silencers welcomes the opportunity to become your prime source of silencers and air filter systems. Our current customer base includes numerous companies such as yours and we would be pleased to add you to our list of satisfied customers. If you have any questions please feel free to call, fax or E-mail us at the numbers shown.